Calema Windsurfing & Watersports

Calema Windsurfing & Watersports

Summer Sailing, Windsurfing & Watersports Camps!

Calema teaches all ages year round. But the summer is a perfect time to learn, especially if you are a kid!  A typical day at Calema is lighter breezes in the morning, then just after noon, the wind picks up. We schedule our camps to take advantage of the predictable conditions – kayaking and beginner windsurfers and sailors in the morning then as the wind builds – the watersports camps go sailing and the more advanced windsurfing kids hit the water. The energy can’t be beat at Kelly Park on a Summer Day!  Once again for 2013 - we are offering the '4th camp free'* - any combination of camps among family members!

Sailing Camps are offered 3 day/week (M,W,F) from 9am-12pm for kids ages 10-17.  Campers learn the basics of sailing and will experience both monohull and multihull boats hands-on. Working in both small groups and as a “crew” on a larger boat – they will learn both self-reliance and teamwork as they glide over the Banana River while learning everything from tacking to jibing and even righting a capsized boat. Limited to only 8 campers/week so sign up early. Sailing camps are $175/week.

Windsurfing camps are offered 3 days/week (M,W,F) from 9am-12pm for beginners ages 8-17. Afternoon 'advanced' camps from 1pm-3pm. Campers will be able to windsurf on their own with basic skills by the end of the week as well as learn safety skills and self-rescue techniques. Our fully certified staff is ready to introduce your children to a lifetime of fun! Registration is limited to 24 campers/week so sign up early. Windsurfing camps are $150/week!

Watersports Camps have grown to be our most popular camp. It is a full week camp – M,T,W,Th,F from 9am-3pm (with extended hours possible) and includes Windsurfing, Sailing,  Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) as well as wildlife encounters and river exploration. For ages 10-17 with no previous skill in any of the sports necessary. In addition to learning to windsurf and sail – we take a kayak/SUP trip to nearby islands for a cookout. Cost is $350/week – with the 4th camp FREE among family members. If you sign up for 4 camps – it averages out to only $262.50/week!

We teach adults too - so it can be a family adventure. For more information, contact or visit  321-453-3223 .

*4th camp FREE is for the least expensive camp if different camps are taken.

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