Lake Murray Sailing Association

The Lake Murray Sailing Association (LMSA) is an IRS approved 501(c)3 Charitable entity functioning as a Youth Community Sailing Program.  LMSA is based and partners with the Lake Murray Sailing Club,  (LMSC) Chapin, SC 29036.  

LMSA currently has 46 boats in its fleet, including O'pen BIC's, Flying Juniors, Lasers, MC Scows, and Flying Scots.  Summer Camp is taught in the OB's and Flying Juniors.  Students who achieve levels of accomplishment are allowed to participate in Lasers, MC Scows, and Flying Scots.  Competition in MC Scows and Flying Scots is against LMSC adults,as we try to maximize the interaction between youth and adults.  LMSC has large fleets of MC Scows and Flying Scots, so competition is intense.  Our goals are to produce Championship People first, if we produce Championship Sailors, even better.  Our summer camp program emphasises SAFETY-FUN-LEARNING.  Our next level program is much more difficult as we set high expectations from participating students.  The youngsters who go forward thrive in the demanding environment!

We believe the skill sets required to be a "successful" one-design sailor are similar to the same skill sets necessary to chart successful life experiences, we tie the two together at every opportunity. Dealing with adversity, constant changes, decision making, responsibility, and accountability, are building block to our program.


Allan Gowans

Director, LMSA

Sailing Coach


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