HELP on Listing Youth Programs



1. How do I list a youth program?
First Create an account, then be logged in, go to MY ACCOUNT and go to ADD A LISTING.

2. How do I fine out if my program is already listed?
Search listings by program name or location.

3. If my program is already listed, how do I update it?
Create an account, then Login and go to the program's dedicated page and click “Claim Listing.” After you Claim a Listing and it is approved, login and go to  MY LISTINGS . It will be listed there.

4. What does it mean when it says “2012 program” on a listing?
When we created this directory this year (2013), we loaded the programs from the April 2012 issue of SOUTHWINDS, which listed 64 programs. Updated programs will not have that note on them.

5. How often can I update my listing?
Whenever you want, just login, go to MY ACCOUNT, then  MY LISTINGS, update/edit and submit changes.

6. How much can I put in my listing?
You can do a short description (about 100 words) with logo, plus you have your own page where you can do a complete listing with photos, links, schedules, etc. You have room for about 500 words, besides name, address and contact information. You will also have a Google map on the page locating your program. See the sample listing. For an excellent example of a complete and good listing, click here.

7. Can I upload logos and photos?

8. Can I list adult sailing programs?
Yes. But only if you also have a youth program and you are mentioning that you also have adult sailing programs.

9. Can I list a program run by a business?
Yes, but this directory is only free to not-for-profit organizations. We will charge for listing profit organizations. Contact

10. Can I advertise on these pages?
Banner ads will be available. in the future. 


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